“Active Health Center, everything for your health under the same roof”

Active Health center is a specialist center that is focused on your health. We offer a range of health care services covering both prevention and rehabilitation, including physical therapy, personal training and nutritional advice. Our active health facility provides the spaces you need to reach your goals, with access to rehabilitation areas, heated swimming pool and a gym equipped with a wide range of aerobic and resistive gear.




We believe that effective communication is important to establish a diagnosis and deliver the appropriate treatment that you require.
Therefore we have worked hard at Active Health Center to establish a team of native speakers in Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.


Timothy Michels

Physical therapist


Estela ALtoe Lemos

Personal trainer, Fitness Coach

Our method:

At Active Health Center we have developed a four step program to optimise your health and recovery.

Step 1 “A diagnosis”

A successful treatment starts with a correct diagnosis. For that reason we begin with a comprehensive investigation. This consists of thorough discussion regarding the cause, onset, provocation and location of your pain. Once an overall picture of your complaint has been established, functional and regional physical testing allow us to narrow in on the causes of your pain. Once a diagnosis has been established we will discuss with you your treatment options that have been identified through our testing.


Step 2 “Creating the prerequisite for recovery”

Following prolonged periods of injury or pain often we see the adoption of faulty movement patterns, meaning that they change they way they move and behave as a result of pain. These adopted movement patterns can lead to compensational issues, for example; muscular and joint stiffness. Therefore as a second step to recovery we identify these adaptations to movement and create treatment plans to help you move optimally. These treatments can consist of movement re-education, soft tissue release, joint mobilisations and more.

Step 3 “Training load capacity”

Once an optimal movement pattern has been established the third step of “training load capacity” begins. By training the affected region in strength and endurance we increase your bodies ability to undertake load and reduce potential for further injury.

Step 4 “Functional training”

The last phase of recovery is the “Functional Training Phase”. Identifying your daily activities, outlining your long term goals and how they relate to the ongoing recovery and future injury prevention. In collaboration with our personal trainers and fitness coaches we can establish a training program that is adapted to your situation, and desired results, to optimise your health and recovery.


At active Health Center we have a team consisting of 6 physical therapist, 10 fitness coaches and 2 nutritional consultants.



Our phone lines are open from Monday to Friday from 8h00 to 21h30 and on Saturday from 9h.00 to 15h00 and Sunday from 9h00 to 14h00. You can reach us on the following number: 070-4444082.

If you want more information or you would like us to call you fill in the contact form under the button.



  • "Ik heb veel fysiotherapeuten gehad maar dit is de meest vakkundige en professionele die ik ooit heb gehad"

    Nadia Hammiche
  • "Gelukkig eindigde mijn zoektocht hier bij Active Health Center!"

  • "Ik kan iedereen die een fysio- of manueel therapeut nodig heeft dit Active Health Center van harte aanbevelen"

  • "Onder begeleiding van therapeut D. Hol train ik 2x per week en wordt er steeds meer vooruitgang geboekt."

    Jan Melchior
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  • Echografie als aanvulling op het fysiotherapeutisch onderzoek

    Echografie als aanvulling op het fysiotherapeutisch onderzoek

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